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Check out the February issue of The Transfer Times.  Please take note of all the opportunities for students that appear in this month’s issue, a screening of the documentary “American Promise”, tips on how to request a stellar letter of recommendation, information regarding upcoming science seminars, the Poetry Hour, a Publishing Talk with author Jen McConnel, upcoming campus recruiter information, and much more!

Wondering what courses to take to pursue a college degree in accounting, nursing, secondary education, or engineering? Looking for financial aid information and resources? Researching transfer options and application deadlines at area colleges and universities? Durham Tech’s Virtual Transfer Center offers quick links and assistance for these and other transfer questions around-the-clock. You will also find links to plans of study, pre-majors and study-tracks, links to local college and university admissions web pages, and past issues of “The Transfer Times.”


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Here are a few more pictures from the previous blog to enjoy…or better yet, stop by OCC and touch them in person (it also allows you to better appreciate the amount of work that has gone into them)! 🙂

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Touch the Starry Night.

Feel the Scream.

Trace the smile on Mona Lisa’s lips.

You know these works of art; now examine fabric reproductions of them one more time with your fingers. Works done as homages to pictures by Picasso, Wyeth, O’Keeffe, and others are in museums all over the world, but here at the Orange County Campus in Hillsborough, you can not only see them, but gain new insight and appreciation of them by using more than just your eyes!

Sally Barker creates touchable fabric pictures, mainly for those with less than perfect eyesight, but you don’t have to be blind to enjoy them!

Mrs. Barker utilizes the B-Code system which involves the memorizing of eight fabric textures which represents eight different colors. Pictures sewn in the B-Code are put together like a quilt with the firmness of the batting signaling how dark or light the color is (the harder the batting, the darker the color). This system creates a medium through which pictures can be made that will allow the visually impaired to experience the role of color in great works of art. For more information, visit her website!

This exhibit will be featured through the end of February at the Orange County Campus. Please stop by and TOUCH this unique and beautiful display of 40 hand-built pieces!

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